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shoppingWelcome to the fascinating world of your young child learning and growing. I invite you to join me as I offer many easy, enjoyable and educationally sound activities which will bring joy to your child while also providing valuable building blocks for his or her normal, healthy development.

A child is an active, crucial agent in his or her own learning process. Learning results when children actively engage in the world around them. In “messing about” with their environment, children are driven by an innate curiosity to make sense out of the world around him or her.

In encouraging children’s learning, we want to nurture delight in the unexpected and use curiosity as a natural learning tool. Individual children interact capably with almost any element in their environment and learn something from it. Such elements can be toys, role-playing and play, manipulative materials, teachers, and peers.

Learning is a natural, lifelong process and is an integrated, informal, but purposeful evolution of social and intellectual skills. Activities at home or at school do not lend themselves to neat subdivisions of the disciplines of knowledge. Subject matter areas intimately relate to each other and cannot be readily divorced from one another.

The significant adults in young children’s lives are their first teachers. Many of the things children learn before entering formal schooling stay with them for the rest of their lives. That is why parents, teachers, relatives and others can be such a positive influence on the lives of young children. Although much learning takes place spontaneously as children interact with their environment, adults can help sharpen and stimulate natural learning. Also, adults can help create moments and events that will heighten children’s love of learning.

playing-marblesThe playfulness of children is essential to their healthy mental functioning. The ideas here tie in with children’s natural curiosity and joy of discovery. One of the nicest things about their fascination with the world is the confident, optimistic feeling children can get when they are able to explore their surroundings freely. Learning is a messy and unpredictable process and children, especially young ones, need to explore, examine, and observe as a way of making sense of the world around them. In interacting with your child through these activities, you will be able to both share in and contribute to his or her understanding of the world. Both of you can have fun, enjoy the experience of being together, and participate in a mutual journey of discovery.

Helping children learn through exploration and using activities that tie into a child’s natural curiosity and joy of learning is our primary focus. Drawing on readily available materials and resources, nearly all activities can be done in a child’s home, school, or immediate neighborhood. You can enjoy combining many of the activities with regular family routines such as preparing meals, shopping for groceries, sorting laundry, getting dressed, taking a walk, or caring for pets.